Beware of scams. If you receive an email about a rental property you are interested or currently renting, make sure to check the ``from`` address is listed as Phishing allows the sender to change the ``name`` so you need to check the email that the message was sent from. If you are asked to supply information via a form or via email from anyone other than this may a scam/phishing request and can be discarded. Please call (608) 358-2269 with any questions.

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Ideally located within walking distance to many major locations.

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With Madison Campus Rentals, you can live within walking distance to several major locations, including State St, the SERF, and the Kohl Center.

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529 and 531 W Dayton St. | Madison Campus Rentals

There are Three Things that Matter in Property: Location, Location, Location

Whether you’re looking for affordable and convenient near-campus living or a place to park your vehicle, you’ll find a variety of options to choose from and the professional and courteous service Madison dwellers have come to expect.